Need ACL M-5 Caboose drawings to build O scale caboose : LUSENET : ACL and SAL Railroads Historical Society : One Thread

I saw the M-5 caboose at Spencer and I think I can build an O scale caboose using a Intermountain boxcar kit to start. I am a Virginian buff but remember the ACL cabs going thru my farm as they exchanged power and cabs with the N&W. I need to find drawings, colors, ANYTHING that will help me scratch build these cabs. Thanks, Ken

-- Ken Towler (LMP@CENTRALVA.NET), January 17, 2003


I can furnish drawings of the M-5 Caboose. Please contact me off the web site so that we can determine what specific drawings you require.

-- Ron Dettmer (, January 18, 2003.

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