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I have taken lessons for 15 years and passed grade 8 Royal Conservatory, but can't sit down and play anything or even sight read a simple piece. I want to learn Jazz. Help!!!

-- michelle dertell (mdertell@yahoo.com), January 17, 2003


Try The Jazz Piano Book by Mark Levine. I have been using it off and on for over a year. It takes a lot of time and patience (he recommends learning everything in every key- yeah, right)I haven't even made it halfway through the book but I feel it has added greatly to my technique. It costs about $32 and is probably available online. You'll also need a 'fake' book. They cost about $50. It's hard work but a lot of fun. Good Luck!

ps my sight reading skills are atrocious, too. Chris Huff

-- Chris Huff (cahuff2000@yahoo.com), January 17, 2003.

You could always try the ABRSM Jazz series - it's quite good. I'll also second the recommendation of the Levine book. For fake books, try "The New Real Book" from Sher music. $38 per volume, legal, and lots of great tunes.

-- Jason (jsifford@pianoped.com), January 19, 2003.

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