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After questioning price obtained for my repossessed property in '96, Hammond Suddard Edge now tell me that 18k was reasonable and if I still maintain that the sale price was below market value I MUST provise proof of this by way of retrospective valuation."You will be required to do so should procceedings be issued" they say The Repossession Order was granted by the court due to arrears on my account, I have claimed they did not send the papers to my known address at the time, they now claim " It is now too late to dispute the validity of a court order made over 7 years ago"

Is this correct????????

They are aware that there is enough equity in my current property to cover the debt therefore will advise their client B and B to apply for a Charging Order. Can any one advise my next move?????????? please

-- D. Beal (, January 17, 2003


In Scotland, after a house is sold it is registered with the Land Registry and they keep a record of how much it was sold for. I think it's probably the same in the rest of the UK.

Anyway, if your house was in an estate or area where there are a lot of similiar houses, you can contact Land Registry, giving them a list of the relative streets and ask them for a list of houses sold in those streets for a specific period (ie: 1 year either side of the date your house was sold)

What Land Registry cannot do is tell you what the type of the houses are on the list they send you, but all you have to do is go and check the address, see if it's the same as yours and hopefully get the evidence you need.

Land Registry (scotland) only charge about 5 for this and the info they gave me supports my argument that my house was undersold!! If I get to court I will use this as evidence,

Sorry if this is a bit long winded...but I hope it helps


-- hanging in there! (, January 17, 2003.

The Land Registry's own web site points you towards the HSOB web site that contains a calculator for property prices that can be used retrospectively. Seems to me that if it's recommended by the Land Registry it must have some credibility.

If you can't find it e-mail me and I'll do whatever I can to assist.

-- Brian Mitchell (, January 30, 2003.

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