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Hi all,

Looking for a friend to go recce at Taman TAR in Ampang Jaya. I've made a trail but its not complete due to my poor navigational skills and fear of the things within the jungle (although i know its just my imagination). If any of you guys are interested email me and if you have a GPS receiver it would definately speed up things. or you guys can just meet me at Tmn TAR every evening (i'm the one with the black cannondale).

-- Mus (, January 16, 2003


hi mus , I just join the KLMBH so i start to check this web site to keep update about the hash info and i m looking for friends with the same interest. I dont know if i m too late or not but if u still looking for friends to finish up your trail or maybe to refine it , email be back or give me a call at 019 3154 734 ( 9 - 5 pm only, or u can leave msg on my voicemail and i ll get to u later ) I m free this saturday.

-- sham (, February 28, 2003.

Hey..still looking for someone to complete your trial.?If you are still looking for help,I'll be interested to join you.I have plans to made a trial form the Taman sri ukay/highland towers(where i live) area right through to taman tar.Maybe we odd to join and do it together.If you still up for it please email me at or text msg me at 016-3581684(Sallahuddin)

-- Ahmad Sallahuddin (, April 16, 2003.

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