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Who Is Racasetti? Can you give me some information on this artist

-- gwen young (, January 15, 2003


I do not know who Racasetti is, but I bought a painting at a garage sale for five dollars. The painting is about some small fishing boats at a village. I was wondering the same thing you were about this artist.

-- John Marceaux (, July 06, 2003.

My parents bought a dark print (photo on paper) of ships in a harbor during a storm. This was in 1968, at the grand opening of a T.G.& Y. store; the elaborate frame and print cost them $10.00! There are Mediterranean buildings in the background. The five ships are grouped together with colors ranging from blues to golds; the central ship has a copper-hued sail. The artist's name is "Rocasetti or Racasetti." I am wondering if this isn't a minor artist, or perhaps, what they used to call a "house" artist", a salaried artist who painted pictures for a company that churned them out, yet, used impressive but false artist names. It says "Bassons, Perth Amboy, NJ", and the "style" is V974. If you have this or know anything about the artist, please let me know.

-- Twila Sharp (, February 18, 2005.

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