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Update on my recent postings re my F & F offer to the were right...they are reserving the right to pursue my estranged husband which really does not settle things for me.

But I have decided not to let it get me down as really nothing has changed.

I am now writing to the Abbey advising them I am withdrawing my offer of 200 F & F settlement and requesting a letter of deadlock so that I can raise the matter with the Financial Ombudsman

My three children will also go to Drama School in the Summer as planned.

The gloves are off folks...they can take me to court as I have nothing to lose.

I am also in the process of making contact with a BBC investigative journalist I used to know and see if the whole MIG scandal is an issue he might be interested's hoping!!

Thanks to all who have replied...will keep you's not over till the fat lady sings as they say!!!!


-- hanging in there! (, January 15, 2003



I hope that your kids enjoy drama school next summer and I hope that you ex buys you an orange for next christmas for not dropping him in it. Get that journalist to write to me as well and i can show him a complete catalogue of ineptness and utter incompetence.


-- John (, January 15, 2003.

All the very best luck M.

First of all, I hope your kids enjoy drama school. Who knows, you could have the next Robbie Williams or Catherine Zeta Jones living in your house!!

WRT the Grabbey, I so hope you take their money grabbing, lying, thieving arses and give 'em a good kicking. It may be worth contacting more sources of media while you're at it - radio, magazines, newspapers. With all the financial horror stories circulating about pensions and endowments at the moment (particulary in the Daily Mail), tempers are already running high and more people are taking notice of the fact that financial institutions do not always claim what they say. What harm can a couple of stories about repossession victims being harrassed and threatened by big lenders with made up calculations do? The fact that some lenders have backed down and accepted huge reductions in their original claims is probably worth noting too, as they obviously don't NEED the money.

I hope and pray that this works for you. Be strong and don't let that positive note in your attitude wane.

Hope to hear you singing soon (not that I'm saying you're fat)!!!


-- One Angry Mother (, January 16, 2003.


Go for it. My partner and I have the same grief from the Halifax and would be very interested if you find anything out re the MIGs.

Good attitude of letting them do their worst. They cannot take what you have not got.

-- Kaveh (, January 16, 2003.

They can't take what you don't have - well yes, but that means you have to stay asset-less forever as they just sit there and crawl out of the woodwork five/ten years down the line when you are back on your feet. My Lender told me outright that they monitor people and wait until they see realisable assets or higher than declared evidence of income. Then they pounce. If I had my time again I would have settled years ago. The hassle and the stress are just not worth it.

-- Too scared to say (, January 16, 2003.

I've just found this site re Scottish repo research from the Scottish Executive. You might find it interesting ''

It's dated 21st May 2001 and still states that the limitation period in Scotland is usually 5 years. If this hasn't changed the you must be pretty near the end of the limit, although you need to check what significance the extract decree has. There are some useful email & contact addresses too under there contact section. Looks like the CML applies to Scotland too as they've included it. Also see '' for case studies. For the index see ''.

Hope you find something useful.


-- M Amos (, February 06, 2003.

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