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Has anyone consider (or entered) a stress related claim due to the hounding that some (as not all) lenders have put them under. I have heard many cases where unlawful tactics and unbelievable pressure put onto people (especially single parents and women) to pay the so called debt.

Has anyone served notice on these companies for these reasons as yet?

-- Geoff Winters (, January 14, 2003


Hi Geoff,

Have you seen, in relation to your question, the consultation paper from the OFT regarding debt collection and unfair business practices.

It's well worth a read for anyone with an interest in this subject - it can be found at:


-- (, January 14, 2003.

I am a single mother and i purchased a new car in march of last year. I had the car appraised and found out that i paid 6,000 more than what it was worth . So i tried to sell the car and who is gonna be as gullable as i was and pay too much for the car... I called americredit and told them to come and get the darn thing, i hate to ruin my credit, i had perfect credit before this , it has been 5 months and they havent come to pick it up yet , id like to keep the repo off my credit but i dont know how i can. The longer it takes them to come pick it up the worse it looks on my credit , because it looks like im not good on making my payments... Im not sure if you can help or offer any advice , but im exploring all options. id greatly appreciate the help ,thank you, ann

-- ann gregory (, January 15, 2003.

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