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I have been reading this sight almost every day for the past year preparing for expected shortfall.I have been following the process of the house sale on line and on saturday found out that it has been sold. Two different friends phoned the estate agents to find out when it was sold and how much for. The same girl in the agents told them both the same thing - it had sold for a lot more than the asking price ( which although low would be enough to leave me with no shortfall ) but would not confirm to either exact time or figures.I have sarned the bank and although they replied in time there was only 8 peices of paper with rubbish on it. Apparantly they do not know my full name - date of birth - marital status or what kind of accounts i had with them . On the top of one of the sheets were the words European data bank. Sorry for rambeling - what I really need to know is who will tell me what price the house sold at? Its driving me nuts - surely I must have some legal claim to the knowledge? If theres any body out there with some wisdom please help. Thanks Dee

-- dee (, January 13, 2003


Yes the bank have a duty to write to you within 28 days to let you know your liability of the debt (if any) and the agreement (mortgage) with them. I am not too sure but if the security was over the amount then surely you have a legal claim to the "profit" realised, but as I say I am not sure on this.

A SARN should have offered you a lot more than 8 pages. If they do not co-operate with the SARN seek an assessment with the Information Commissioner.

-- Geoff Winters (, January 14, 2003.

Re finding out how much it was sold addition to the advice given you could also contact the Land Registry as the property has to be registered with them and they can tell you how much it sold for.

It might cost 4 but you can do this by e mail (at least you can in Scotland).

This is a good tool for others to use in determining if a house was undersold. You can give the Land Registry a list of addresses and ask them to give you a list of all houses that were sold within a set period of time (ie 1 year before and 1 year after a specific date)


-- hanging in there! (, January 14, 2003.

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