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Hi, my name is Deepa and I live in central new jersey and I would like to learn the Veena very much. If someone could notify me of a Veena techer in and around this area, I would really appreciate it. my e-mail:

-- Deepa Sannidhi (, January 12, 2003


Hi Deepa, I'am Sharath Sharma.M.D and I'am also learning veena since two years. Good you have interest in carnatic music even though you are abroad. I cannot give you any address of teachers but I can give the notes from our master and if you can learn online through email. Please Think of it and reply me.

-- Sharath Sharma.M.D. (, January 19, 2003.

Hi, Iam living in edison ,NJ.I have been teaching veena for many years. If u are interested u can contact me at

-- Bhuvana Kannan (, January 29, 2003.

Deepa- I'm sorry if this comes late. But if you're still interested, there is a music school in South Plainfield-about twenty minutes from Rutgers- called AIM and they teach a variety of things from Hindustani music to carnatic music including Veena. If you need further info on it, I can give you their phone number. Hope this helps. Sampath

-- Sampath Medepalli (, March 03, 2005.

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