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Oh Man Oh Man!!! I'm a 998 owner and recently purchased a beautiful as the MV is, the inline 4 never got my blood going...BUT the inline 4 on the MV is something else!!!! The SOUND!!! THE SOUND!!! This IS a 2 wheel Ferrari ( engine is the real thing) is not as quick on the low end as my Duc, but get to 8k and up and its the ride of your life. I have owned other inline 4's, but this is really special. So the bike is much more than a pretty face.


02' Diamonte 02' 998 01' SS900


-- shelby (, January 11, 2003


I absolutely agree. For me, twins lack excitement. And I love that wail that the MV makes.

I think of an inline 4 as being shot out of a big slingshot. Below the "hit" is like being pulled back in the rubber band. Then whe it hits, you just accelerate and go. What fun!

-- Andy Ruhl (, January 11, 2003.

look mate, this is the reason why i never ride my bike below 7000rpm im not a snail. but some people tell me im a big fish out of the water.

-- dza (, January 14, 2003.

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