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Is there anybody who knows more about the news that Harley Davidson is buying MV Agusta? If this is true than HD returns to the place they sold to the Castiglioni's at the end of the 70's.(in the 70's HD produced lightweight 2 stroke motorcycles under the name amf harley Davidson.In gp racing they were very succesfull with their rider Walter Villa)So maybe now the circle is round, and leaves MV all their trouble behind.

cheers, Frans

-- frans tuin (, January 11, 2003


I read about this in another forum. I forwarded the same question to an Italian forum on MV and no one seemed to be aware of this. It seems only a rumour.

-- Giacomo Savini (, January 11, 2003.

MV Agusta and Harley? that sucks

-- dza (, January 14, 2003.

Read Febuary Cycle World, they have a half page article on the finacial problems. By the way, production has stopped even though they have a very good prototype F5 1000 and the Brutale. Lets hope that HD does not buy would make me sick to see a Sporster motor in a MV frame.

-- Ray Lorente (, January 16, 2003.

Why would a Harley ownership be a bad thing for MV Agusta?

I imagine it would be similar to Texas Pacific Group's take over of Ducati. Ducati designs and builds the bike, and TPC provided the capital and the approvals. I seriously doubt Harley (a company currently run by enthusiasts) would change the MV Agusta's design, which make it a motorcycle lust object. I doubt they'd relocate production to the U.S., since the infrastructure and heritage are in Italy.

If anything, Harley would probably improve MV's reliability (apparently, Harley's are more reliable today then they were in the past....and MV's aren't exactly the pinancle of reliability either), but on the down side, MV's would probably be massed produced (relatively speaking) like Ducatis.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, January 16, 2003.

I agree with Allan, and maybe this is the last chance for MV to get back in buisnes again.IN fact it doesn't matter who takes over MV,I just want that they keep producing motorcycles!

-- frans tuin (, January 16, 2003.

It would be a shame if such a thing was to occur. Harley should stick to building overweight antiques. People would get a dry feeling in the throat if such a terrible thing were to be true.

-- Maurice Turner (, January 24, 2003.

"Harley should stick to building overweight antiques."

LOL! In comparison to the lastest crop of Japanese sports bikes, I think the same could be said for MV Agusta.

PS: I'm not a Harley fan. I mean I think I understand their appeal (similar to an MV's) but they're really not for me.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, January 24, 2003.

Whoa! TYHOOYA...(stop now if the opinons of others offend you or if yours are not open to challange)

A company with a need to expand into new markets, an established marketing, sales and branding success, which is willing able to bring new and advanced technology into its business and has the capital, money, lira to fund this growth is discounted because of its financial success and respect of its customer base's nostalgic love of their older "technology"? Forgive me if I am an American ignorant but how is that worse than being saved form the auction block by a scooter company? Anyone who would confuse HD the company with HD the bikes should frankly not be surprised if the manufacturer of their object of lust goes belly up and leaves them holding the bag. As a final note who would be a better partner for MV? A direct competitor? One of the Japanese manufacturers? How about one of the other low market, struggling, italian concerns? Oh, I know, BMW! There is a "partner" who would leave them alone to build dream bikes. There is not one of use who could afford to build one of these bikes on their own, much less keep one running for any length of time. I very much enjoy mine and would like to believe that I will enjoy it as long as I am able to ride it. A partner such as HD, in a good deal, would make that an easier and more likely propostion. That would even be enough to entice me to buy the stock as well as the bike.


-- Scot Hennon (, January 25, 2003.

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