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Does anyone out there know how many months go by before the Abbey National begin repo proceedings. I am applying for the right to sell first through the courts but clearly would rather not, I am into my fourth month of arrears having been unemployed with a large mortgage. Is there any history of them initiating this at this stage. I have been in contact with them fairly regularly but am getting somewhat freaked out now. Any help or comments would be received with much thanks

-- Peter Smith (, January 10, 2003


I don't know if they have a history or policy regarding when they initiate repo. proceedings, however my advice to you first of all would be to get proper and legal advice from either the Citizens Advice bureau or some of the Debt Organsations who would write to them on your behalf. Also try the website "debt questions" and the UK DEBT helpline.

As you are unemployed you will probably get free Legal Advice if you go direct to a lawyer.

The important thing is to keep them informed and send any letters by recorded delivery, keeping a copy for your own records.

One important thing is to get your property valued NOW by at least 2 surveyors....many estate agents will do this for free if you intimate that you are going to put the house on the market. This will help you if in the future the house is reposessed and you feel they have undersold it.

Do you have any MIG Insurance??? Check the terms NOW.

Don't ignore any letters they send...act now.

I don't know if this helps..if not maybe some of the other better informed folk will reply to your posting.

Good Luck!


Why do you have to apply to the Courts for the right to sell the house yourself??????

-- hanging in there! (, January 11, 2003.

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