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This is a second posting of my message. The prospective buyers were unable to obtain financing so the building is still for sale. All info including several pics can be seen at coffeelady.20fr.com

-- Cathy Ackerson (coffeeladyone@yahoo.com), January 10, 2003


Hi Ms. Ackerson I just visited your web site. Very informative with the pictures, however there is no info about the Espresso machine and what not. How old is it? And how old is the other equipment you've been using?

-- Josh Akin (jakin@ntelos.net), May 23, 2003.

The building was built in 1995 with all equipment being purchased at that time. I bought a second grinder and a back up espresso machine 3 years ago(seen in the photo), which I now use as my main machine. It's a semi automatic and the other was manual so the manual has now become my back-up. Though I haven't had to use it. This month... I replaced the microwave, with a smaller more powerful model. I also replaced gaskets and other wear parts on the espresso machine. This is done approximately every three months, or as needed. Because of the summer increase in blended drinks, I also purchased a new Waring Pro blender and a second pitcher w/ice blade, for the Vita Mix. The fresh water pump was replaced 2 years ago. The gray water pump was replaced 1.5 years ago, only because I wanted one that had a higher flow rate. All of the above is included in the sale. I have kept all the older items as back-up. They are still in working order, I just wanted newer, faster, shinier.

-- Cathy Ackerson (coffeeladyone@yahoo.com), May 23, 2003.

Hi Kathy, This is Astabrak Sabah, i would like to get some other information about buseniss the you trying to sale, could you please give me a call at 425-891-9585 whenever you reach my massege,

-- Astabrak Sabah (Astabrak@hotmail.com), February 01, 2004.

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