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I have a 1993 book of locomotive drawings from the Norfolk Southern. They list the owners of some of the Southern units as the subsidiary roads. I can account for all of them, except one. This would be "CRN." Can anyone help? Thanks!

-- Jack Grasso (, January 10, 2003


"CRN" was the report markings of the SR subsidiary Carolina and Northwestern, which originally ran from Chester, SC to Lenoir, NC and later leased SR-owned shortlines Blue Ridge Ry., Danville & Western, High Point Randleman Asheboro & Southern, and Yadkin Ry. as a part of the lines it operated.

In 1974 the original Norfolk Southern was merged into the CRN, with the new company being renamed NS, which lasted until 1982 when it resummed the name Carolina & Northwestern because of the creation of Norfolk Southern Corp.

-- Jerry M. LaBoda (, January 10, 2003.

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