Old german violin for sale contact me

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I have a very old german violin for sale, Nicholas Bertholini, still in good condition, very nice tone, contact me for details.

-- Karthi Kumar (gkarthikumar@rediffmail.com), January 09, 2003


Hi Karthi! Where do you stay?

rgds, anand

-- Anand Ramadurai (a_ramadurai@rediffmail.com), January 13, 2003.

Hi Karthik,

I am interested in your violin, Please mail me picture and price of the violin.



-- Gabriel (gabrielesther@rediffmail.com), January 14, 2003.

Hi! I am writing from Secunderabad, South India. Is the violin sold already? If not, kindly let me know whereabouts of it and price!!!

-- Sahadeva dasa (sahadevadasa@yahoo.com), March 03, 2003.

hey.......ur whereabouts....i stay in Indore and wanna purchse that fiddle.....reply

-- Archit K (architkhandelwal@hotmail.com), March 09, 2003.

I am interested in the Violin. Can send the price and photos? I am from Bangalore.

-- Sridhar Narasimhan (sridhar_narasimhan@hotmail.com), June 05, 2003.

I am from Chennai. Is the violin still available for sale? What is the price? Can u please send me the picture of the same?


-- Messiah Dhas (messiah_dhas@yahoo.com), July 08, 2003.

I am interested in your Violin. Could you please send the price and photos?

-- ressan ressani (ressan38@yahoo.ca), July 08, 2003.

hi,im interested in the violin , what the price ? and id like to see apic ? thanks for help.

-- mubarak bakeet (mubarak_119@hotmail.com), August 15, 2003.

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