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Hi, I'm considering a move to the MV F4s. I currently ride an Aprillia mille and do quite a bit of riding, (14,000 miles last year). My question is this, I bring a tail pack along on long rides, said tail pack can weigh up to 85 to 90 pounds, plus I weigh 220 lbs. Anyone know the load limit on the single seat version of the F4? Would I have to buy the 1+1 version, which I'm sure could handle the total weight of my pack and me (+/- 310lbs). I really want the single seat version but don't want to bend the sub-frame. Any help is appreciated!

R. Vaughan

-- Ralph Vaughan (motogpracer@hotmail.com), January 09, 2003


Hallo Ralph I put the miles on and was also looking at this issue. In the end rather then put the load on the rear of my bike I opted for a baglux tank harness and bag. The tank harness comes in red or black and is a bit of a chore to fit but once on fits very snug with no movement (no paint damage through rubbing). The weight is better spread and has no immediate effect on handling that isn't apparent from the outset. The only potential draw back is not being able to tuck right in behind the screen and apparently some guys felt the choice of tank bag was important. Baglux do one style that tapers away at the back and offers a tadge more veiwing comfort. I stuck with my standard bag and have no problems on the basis that the minute you fit any type of luggage to a dedicated sports bike some compromises must be made. And the F4 is about sports dedication. all the best tony b

-- tony beckwith (mcbeck709@blueyonder.co.uk), January 09, 2003.

Ralph, the owners manual (p 21) states the load limit for the F4S is 717 lb (325 kg). The manual is available online in pdf format at http://www.mvagustausa.com/manuals/F4_OwnersManual.pdf

-- James (jbenham@vtown.com.au), January 09, 2003.

Hi Ralph, I wanted to clarify the answer given above. Those "load limits" are actually what is called GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). The vehicle weight needs to be subtracted from the GVWR to arrive at the maximum allowable rider & cargo weight.

For the F4S, the dry weight is given as 191 kg, so we get 134 kg allowable cargo (295 lb). But don't forget that a full tank (5.5 gallons) weighs about 34 lbs, so that actual rider + cargo for an F4S should not exceed about 260 lbs.

For the F4S 1+1, the dry weight is given as 192 kg, so we get 213 kg allowable cargo (469 lbs). Subtracting the full tank weight gives a maximum 435 lbs. for rider + cargo (luggage and/or passenger).

Hope this helps to clarify your choice. You won't be sorry with either one of these fantastic machines! I really enjoy my '02 F4S.

Mark O.

-- Mark Orwoll (mark.orwoll@sri.com), January 09, 2003.

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