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Alright Richard is now very very busy w/the Honeymoon thing!! May God Bless my sweet Richard, OK somethings I just can't have in this world. He would have been my reason for loving, but now my heart will have to bow out and be thankful for those in my life. I pray earnestly that Richard's mother is well and blessed. God Bless you Richard I'll always love you truly in my heart and soul. Someday Lord willing I'll see you someday and not talk your head off. You know I get super nervous around celebs, you're always so very busy. Well, Richard I pray that you'll always be truly happy. That's something I cover good thru prayer without you my true Love on this earth..Always remember me Julie your #1fan here in the beautiful USA.

-- juliedianemroz#1fan (garyjst4tday@hotmail.com), January 07, 2003

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