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While driving down to Raleigh this weekend, we paralelled part of the old Seaboard route from where it now ends at Norlina southward toward Raleigh. What is the frequency of train operations (and equipment, # of loads, etc.) on this segment these days? The roadbed looked well maintained with welded rail, and there appeared to be a number of trackside industries along the route.

-- Greg Hodges (, January 06, 2003


Greg, I am understanding from reliable sources CSX makes daily trips up to Henderson and on to Ridgewood. There are several accounts for CSX in the Henderson area and a large wood chipping account near Ridgewood. Did you happen to see the large number of hopper cars in Norlina? CSX moved 200+ cars up there last year for storage. All of the equippment used mainly are older GP's.

-- Nelson Whitley (, January 06, 2003.

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