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hi guys,having just purchased the mv f4 and spent 2 days polishing the stainless and alloy on the bike, i have turned my attentions to the suspension, all settings tie up with rhe mv book except the rear rebound damper, the book says 14 cliks my shock only clicks 7 times. any ideas is the shock unit busted?. many thanks for all the info on this forum i gained a good idea of what to look for from you guys, just waiting for the ice to go away in england so i can ride the mv regards Andy finch

-- andrew finch (, January 05, 2003



This may not be the answer to your problem, as my problem occured two years ago on my brand new 2000 model. I went to check my damper settings and the rear rebound damper only did a few clicks and then the adjuster freewheeled and eventually the adjuster, collar and a few other bits (I am not technical) fell out, never to work again. The whole shock assembly was replaced under warranty without any difficulty, so should be ok for you to get it replaced.

Hope this helps. It helps me knowing someone else suffered the same failure.

-- David Stephens (, January 07, 2003.

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