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I purchased one of the H.O. model ACL depots several years ago at one of the train shows where ACL/SAL HS had a booth. I am just getting around to putting it together. I am interested in knowing where would be the best place to purchase the appropriate Train Order boards to match the ACL style boards. I would prefer the dual style boards (the one with the vertical and horizontal arms) but am willing to get either that one or the one with only the vertical arms. Locations on line or actual MR shops would be ok. I am about 125 miles from Nashville TN, about 140 from northwest Atlanta, about 70 miles from Chattanooga TN, and about 130 miles west of Asheville NC. The Knoxville area, while pretty good size and a major rail center is surprisingly limited in professional MR shops and the best one out in the Solway area near Oak Ridge TN closed last year. Would the Wayne Sidelinger in Wilson NC (W.A.R.M) possibly be a source? Thought I'd ask on here before I start calling ande-mailing everywhere.

Thanks, Raymond Smith

-- Raymond Smith (, January 05, 2003



Unfortunately, ACL style train order boards are not available commercially. To my knowledge the society has yet to come across blueprints for ACL T.O.B. signals. Without those blueprints, I'm not sure what firm manufactured the signal although I recently had a chance to look at the head of an ACL signal and the firm identified on the lamp housing was Western Railway Supply (never heard of them).

The only TOB signal that I know of in HO-scale is a General Railway Signal Co. design (unsure of the model manufacturer). However that style TOB signal would only be appropriate for SAL and C&WC depots, not the ACL.

Haven't had the chance to try this yet, but you might compare the signal head of a Tomar semaphore signal with a photo of an ACL TOB to see how close the semaphore blade apparatus is to the ACL prototype. If it looks similar, you could then try to mount the semaphore blade apparatus on the referenced GRS signal kit. Obviously, you'll need two Tomar semaphore blades.

If we ever locate ACL T.O.B. blueprints, an HO scale model might make a good society project (assuming there's enough interest by the membership). Wish I had better news for you.

-- Buddy Hill (, January 05, 2003.

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