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I was looking over some photos of Southern Railway high hoods. I noticed that the GP-35s seem to be operating on Alco trucks. Can someone explain, and were all Southern GP-35s like this?

-- Jack Grasso (, January 05, 2003


Almost all of the EMD GP35's road on ALCO trucks with the exception of CofG 210 - 214 and 2703 and 2704, which used EMD Bloomburg trucks. This was done because of the locomotives that were used as trade-in credits on the new power. All of the remaining ALCO RS2s (of the SR and subsidiaries) were traded-in on this order, along with a sizeable chunk of RS3s (a number of them just out of their 15-year trust), with only two SR units apparently having EMD trade-ins, while the earlier CofG units were built with EMD trucks because of the (someone might have to correct me on this) CofG F3As that were traded- in on them.

Adding to the confusion though are two GP30s that were wrecked and rebuilt with GP35 bodies: 2526 and 2641. They retained their GP30 inards (rated at 2250 HP) but for the most part "looked like" GP35s, though they have the Phase II charactoristics of the GP35 (narrower side sill and raised dust bin collector common on late-GP35s, late- SD35s, and most GPs afterwards).

Hope this adds just a little to your understanding.


-- Jerry M. LaBoda (, January 05, 2003.

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