Who makes toe guards?

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Does anyone know of a company that makes toe guards? I saw one on Dwight Mitchell's race bike, so I emailed him about it. He said that it was made for him custom by a machinist, so that's not an option. There appears to be some bolt holes on the bottom of the swingarm that could be used for this, they are there to hold on the chain guide which also holds the rear brake line away from the chain.

As for why I'd want this, ask someone like Daryl Beattie or Doug Polen. Losing half your foot sucks...

-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo. com), January 02, 2003


Forgive me for the naive question, but what are toe guards and what are they supposed to guard against?

-- Doug Chism (dougchism@hotmail.com), January 02, 2003.

Hey Andy, Just think of all the weight you would lose! LOL.

-- Kevin Warner (kwarner@11thhourbiz.com), January 02, 2003.

Losing weight is good. If my rear end went through there and it took a chunk out, hey, that's fine. But I kinda like my feet...

For Doug, here's a picture that may help:


See that silver part near the rear sprocket? It keeps your foot from going through the sprocket. This is one of the more serious injuries you can get when you crash. It's particularly a problem on a bike with a swingarm like ours because there isn't much there to keep your foot from going through. At least on a dual sided swingarm you've got the swingarm there to keep your foot away. It's still no guarantee, but it's better than the MV or Ducati.

-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo.com), January 02, 2003.

Toe guards? YEP, and Conte D.Agusta knows where to get: In Japan, look under: www.cagiva.co.jp ,under accessories, they get too: a racing stearing stopper (??) and a side stand canceler. Greetings from Germany, Gunnar. "Keep the red side up!"

-- Gunnar Brunckhorst (gb@hoergeraete-brunckhorst.de), January 03, 2003.

Yep, good catch. Go here:


Then click Challenge Cup. There is a toe guard there, sure enough. I don't know how I'm supposed to get this in the US though. I would buy one if I could.

-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo.com), January 03, 2003.

Toe guard. Good idea. It makes sense. Yes, toes are handy little tools worth keeping. I suppose extending the lower chain guard would work but it may not be strong enough. I think your right about using the bolt location for the lower chain guide. Perhaps a trip to the milling machine is in order!

-- Tim W (provamo35@hotmail.com), January 04, 2003.

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