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What was Nolem,FL? It is listed on North Florida Div. ETTs as being 2 miles north of Wildwood at MP 759.4. Its station number is 761 which is the same station number of Wildwood. It's also listed as a "yard." Was this simply the entrance to Wildwood yard? There is no town, today, listed as Nolem. Thanks in advance for your answers!

Richard Stallworth

-- Richard Stallworth (, December 31, 2002


I used this question as an excuse to spend the day digging through my stuff trying to help find an answer. My ETT is also dated 4/27/52. With Nolem and Wildwood having the same station number, I would say that adds to the argument that Nolem was the north limit of Wildwood yard. Additionally, in the special instructions section in the back of the ETT, it does not list Nolem in the Yard Limits area.

Through my research, I have come up with two additional questions that relate to the original one. (the one thing I love about this hobby is that I always come up with more questions when trying to answer other ones)

(1) In the SAL track profile reprint, there is listed "Monarch" at MP 762.8 (just south of Wildwood). What was this? Was this the south limit of Wildwood Yard? I have not seen it mentioned anywhere else.

(2) In the ETT, there is reference made to the Wildwood Interlocking at MP 761.5 (just south of the Wye from Orlando). My map of Wildwood from the 50's does not reference an interlocking tower. Does anyoone know if there was a seperate interlocking tower? If so, where was it, what did it look like, etc?

I'm going to put these two questions in as a seperate entry also to hopefully get more responses.

Maybe when we get through all of this we might be know enough for a Lines South Article.

Bill Parks

-- Bill Parks (, January 05, 2003.

Seaboard did not make a practice of naming every control point. Two exceptions on the Virginia Division -- (1) Fetner, the south end of the paired-track operations with Southern (now NS) is only 0.3 miles north of Cary, but is assigned a name of its own. (2) In the early 50's SAL extended the double track northward from South Aberdeen to Mile Post 219.9 and named the control point Fleet. Fleet appeared in Virginia Division timetables until the issuance of Time Table No. 9 eff. April 26, 1959. That may be the date of Joe's time table that Nolem no longer appears.

-- Harry Bundy (, January 05, 2003.

I think it was just a control point (like you said, railroads like to name everything and everywhere). It may also have been the yard limit for Wildwood, which would explain why it would show has having a yard in the ETT.

Bill Parks

-- Bill Parks (, January 04, 2003.

I have two North Florida Div. ETTs. They are dated 12/12/1946 and 4/27/1952. Both list "Nolem" on the mainline just north of Wildwood. It is not listed as a private siding. I know "nolem" is "melon" spelled backwards. The double track started at Nolem. That is why I was wondering if it was actually a station or just a control point. Railroads liked to name everything. My 4/24/1960 combined ETT doesn't list nolem at all.

-- Richard Stallworth (, January 03, 2003.

Nolem is "melon" spelled backward - maybe it was a siding for loading watermelon boxcars??

-- Larry Goolsby (, January 02, 2003.

Richard, I am curious as to where you found that information.I looked in a 1959 TT and there is no such place listed.

-- Joseph Oates (, January 02, 2003.

This may be a stretch but . . . . the north end of double track Coleman-Wildwood (6.6 miles )was at Mile Post 759.4, 45 M.P.H. through the turnout noted in the Special Instructions section of the timetable.

-- Harry Bundy (, January 01, 2003.

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