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Ok, who's got some ideas for a good vanity plate. Six numbers and letters, any combo.


-- Peter trocco (, December 31, 2002


My plate say's 1FAST F4

-- Kevin Warner (, December 31, 2002.

Peter - any of these work for you? I assume yours is an F4S. Let us know what you come up with. XOTCF4 (as in "exotic F4") XOTCMV (as in "exotic MV") 750AGO MYMVF4 1HOTF4 1HOTMV HOTF4S BELAF4 (as in "bella F4") BELAMV BELLA1 FASTF4 FASTMV SWIFT1 QUICK1 RAREF4 F4BUTY F4S4ME

-- DaveB (, December 31, 2002.

My favorite: MVOUS

-- Tim W (, December 31, 2002.

Thanks all for the great suggestions. MVOUS is AWESOME. Iím thinking I may have to steal that one!

-- Peter trocco (, December 31, 2002.

mine is MY MV and that one works for me but i am thinking about changing it

-- Robbie (, January 01, 2003.

Mine is GUSTA

-- Brett (, January 01, 2003.

I live in the UK and have G9OWL (growl)on my F4.I have the plate B9UTE that is currently availabe for any future BRUTALY owners if any one is interested.

-- charles richards (, January 01, 2003.

I was able to get SENNA on my MV. Luckily no one here in Nevada had it yet. My 996S is 2KMNO, (2000 mono), my 748 is LKNGD, (looking good).

-- greg petersen (, January 06, 2003.

hi folks, i have the number MV51ENA on my senna(got it from the dvla) looks good on squashed up & in a straight line. & WWT 916 on my ducati foggy rep.

-- JOHN KENNEDY (, January 09, 2003.

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