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Various books have been written on the Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Potomac Railroad. Some years back, I made note of a reference to one authored by Crittenden. This spelling may not be correct but should be close. I do not have the exact title, publication date, or other specifics. In some recent searches on the web, such as and, did not identify any RF&P books appearing be the work of Mr. Crittenden (sp?). It is possible that this fellow produced a booklet rather than a book. I would be grateful for any information concerning a book by this author. Ed Faggart Lincolnton, NC

-- Ed Faggart (, December 31, 2002


Dave, Thanks for taking the time to respond in such a thorough manner. I certainly appreciate it. Should Mr. Griffin not reply on this thread, I will ask him about such a book when we are both at one of the shows. Ed

-- Ed Faggart (, January 02, 2003.

Ed, I don't think that anyone by the name Crittendon ever did a book on the R.F.& P. I've purchased everything ever put out on the R.F.& P. and there's nothing from him. There was a H.T. Crittendon that produced several good books on Narrow Gauge Railroads and did have a photo or two in Prince's book on the RF&P, but they were in the later chapters about the small short lines. I checked the index, bibliography and credits of my RF&P books and his name was not found. Maybe member Bill Griffin will see your post. He was a V.P. with RF&P and has published a few great books on the railroad and certainly would know if Crittendon ever did any articles on the railroad.

-- Dave George (, January 01, 2003.

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