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Do any forum readers know whether there recently has been any O gauge 3-rail rolling stock made with the Charleston & Western Carolina road name (scale or semi-scale)? Are there any members with decal-making capability who have made (HO) decals for the C&WC who might be interested in "supersizing" to make some decals for O gauge? Are there any hobby shop owners/managers who might be interested in exploring the feasability of having a custom run made for the C&WC, say a boxcar by Weaver, or a pulpwood car by Atlas? Are there any members who are particular devotees of the C&WC? Thank you for any andall help. Neville Patterson, Augusta, Me.

-- neville patterson (bpatterson@powerlink.net), December 30, 2002


Hi Neville. I model a modern version of the C&WC which means that I'll have to have decals made for them. I'm getting my decals made through a local hobby shop. You can't just have one or two made. You'll have enough made for about 12 cars. This could be less since yours will be in O and mine are in HO. But you can give them a call and ask. They can and will ship them to you when they come in. Heres the place to call and they'll tell you what you need to do: Bull Street Station-(912) 236-4344. Good Luck! Jason

-- Jason Casting (MultivortexF5@hotmail.com), January 01, 2003.

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