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Is it possible to install the os x on a scsi removable hard disk. I have an ORB 2 gb SCSI external drive which does of course, need a driver in the system folder in order for the disk to appear on the desktop. But the OS X installer, unlike the previous installation CD's, does not show the ORB in order for me to select it as the destination of the installation of OS X; Noting here, that the Mac did not have to be booted off the installation CD's for OS's prior to X.

I searched hi and lo on the apple website, to no avail, for info. on the OS X installation on external SCSI removable disks. I find it impossible to believe that Apple will create an operating system that can only be installed on the internal disk. It simply does'nt make any sense. By the way, my computer is a G-3 beige desktop with a Sonnet G-4 upgrade CPU, running at 500 me

-- anthony coussa (, December 30, 2002

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