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I'm sure most of you are aware of the fact already, but Peter Trocco and others might be interested in a video available from

It gives a very brief history of MV, details the design and development of the F4, has interviews with Castiglioni and other key personnel, tours the factory, has extensive footage of the Oro launch and a brief road test of the Strada.

When you're stuck inside unable to ride because of the weather (or due to the fact that your Senna's been at the dealers for twelve weeks waiting for warranty repairs!) it's the next best thing.


-- Ralph Goldstein (, December 30, 2002


Thank you much Ralph. The history of the company (and bike) is something I'm very interested in.

Thanks again...

-- Peter trocco (, December 30, 2002.

Just a warning about this video, it's done by Fast Bikes which has never been known for high quality product. It's OK. It's shoddy though. I watch it just because I like to hear the screaming bikes, and I like to hear the men behind the bike talk. The "main" guy from fast bikes (curly black haired) is a clown. I've tried to read a few of his columns but it's hard. He brags about sleeping with women much younger than him and crap like that. He appears to be slow too. What a dipshit. Maybe I should forward this to his email (if it's known) so he can attempt to rebut.

Fast Bikes is low quality stuff. It's too bad they were the ones to put out this video. I wouldn't tell someone not to buy it if they are an MV fan, just not to expect too much.

-- Andy Ruhl (, December 30, 2002.

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