Goodness me can't quite believe the events of these last 2 months! I bought a flat in 1991 for 29K and stayed for 6 months until repossession. The whole thing was a shambles from start to finish and i was glad to get out. In Nov 2002, 11 YEARS LATER, received letter from Allied International (Debt Collectors) saying i owed at debt of 5377 and that this debt must be paid in full immediately! Could not believe my eyes! Not only did this happen 11 and a half years ago, this was the first i had heard from anyone about this alleged debt, not even a letter from National Home Loans in all this time. I havnt been hiding, far from it, I have never moved from the area and currently live 100 yards away from the repossesed flat, at the moment. At the same moment the phone rang and it was Mr Watson, calling from Allied In. telling me that i owe this to National Home Loans as a shortfall in the mortgage and i had 7 days to pay. I told him i wanted proof and he said it would cost me 300 to see the proof. At this i told him that by no means would i pay anything wihtout knowing where it was coming from, he then said to me that he would drop the debt to 1000 and call it quits and i had to get back to him with the answer within 48 hours. I sought legal advice and contacted CAB, and i am currently very confused about the 6 and 12 year law, which applys? etc, I live in Scotland and the flat is in Scotland. Can someone give me advice? they are beginning to threatin me with agents calling to my house etc . I have not admitted this debt and i havnt denied it either all i want is proof, if i owe something i pay it! PLEASE HELP

Thank you so much


-- Sandy Barclay (, December 29, 2002


They are so out of time the alleged debt carries a government health warning. If there has truly been no contact from NHL then they shouldn't be able to touch you for a bean - but they will try. Sounds like they know they are onto a loser - but if you want to settle and avoid a stream of nasty letters I would confirm that the amount they are claiming is indeed correct and then offer them around 400 quid in full and final settlement and be done.

-- Too scared to say (, December 29, 2002.

The ruling seems to be 12 years for mortgage debts but the CML members agreed not to take action after 6 years so you might be lucky. I think that the people behind the mortgage victims site have knowledge of the National Home Loans Co, it's certainly worth ringing them 01889 507394

-- Sue (, December 29, 2002.


First of all you need to check out the section on this site called "Do's and Dont's" and in particular the section "After they contact you and demand cash" All the actions you need to do are contained in this section. The good news is that trying to get cash after this long is really trying it on. Some "musts" 1. Keep everything in writing, do not speak to them by telephone, if they call you, refuse to speak to them and advise them to write to you. 2. SARN everybody involved 3. Keep Cool 4. Dont get angry ! I think that you have a very good chance of this going away real quick, I ended up advising a scumsucking bunch of lowlife bottom feeding solictors that if they contacted me without supplying certain details that I would be sueing them for harrassment and fraud. Since then I have yet to receive any more letters or threats from them, however I certainly expect to get at least one more letter from them before their time limit runs out in a few weeks time. Unless it contains the information I have been seeking ( and this is information I have asked for at least 14 times now) I shall treat it as toilet paper and send it back to them with a note advising them that I will be taking action against them for harrassment and fraud.

These people are the lowest from of scum on the universe and I personall tread on vermin, I suggest that you tread on your vermin too.

Good Luck !!!


-- John (, December 29, 2002.


You say the flat was in Scotland, so Scottish law applies. Scottish law is different to English law, and I believe it has been changed in the last few years. I think you should get expert advice from Scottish legal experts. You also said you went to the CAB, what advice did they give you ?

-- M Amos (, December 30, 2002.


Perhaps this tel. no. for advice on this web page from the Scottish Law Society may be of use ' ' . Good Luck.


-- M Amos (, December 30, 2002.

Mark + everyone who has helped,

Yes i contacted CAB, i got the impression that they were not too confident about the in's and out's of the law regarding my situation, however they did say that the 6 year law applied and the 12 year law shouldn't apply in my case because the debt is not the "principal sum". So they issued a letter to Allied and Mr Watson tried to talk to me again on the phone, i would not talk and redirected him to CAB. They spoke to him and told him that the 12 year law applied in my case but gave no reason why! So i will do as everyone has suggested and sit tight until they try to contact me again, issue SARN etc. Thank you to every one who has replied, and the advice and phone numbers you have provided, you've no idea how much this has helped me, just getting a bit of support from other people, it has motivated me to keep fighting. Ill let you know the outcome! Also, im not really clued up on the mortgage jargon, what does MIG stand for?

Thanks, Sandy

-- Sandy Barclay (, December 30, 2002.


MIG = Mortgage Insurance Guarantee. I think I would treat the info that the CAB gave you with caution in this case, was this a Scottish CAB? I've tried before to find out about Scottish Law as regards repo and mortgage shortfalls for various people, but found it strangely difficult, Ill have another go. Over a million people have suffered from repossession/shortfalls during the last 10 years or so, so dont feel you're alone. I'll come back to you again ASAP.

Best wishes, Mark.

-- M Amos (, January 11, 2003.

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