Wat is ragam thanam Pallavi

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I am a lover of carnatic music.A beginner as far as the technicalities of carnatic music is concerned.I have come across the term"Raagam thanam Pallavi" in many cases.Kindly explain it in simple words thanx

-- Lakshmi Ramachandran (lakshmi_chandran@yahoo.com), December 28, 2002



-- meena (123@yahoo.com), December 29, 2002.


-- meena (123@yahoo.com), December 29, 2002.

In simple words/sum it up!!!....RAGAM-TANAM-PALLAVI: A major item of a Carnatic music concert consisting of three parts Ragam, Tanam and Pallavi. The ragam portion is an elaborate Aalapana in the chosen raga, the Tanam portion is like a Aalapana but has rhythm, and the Pallavi portion consists of a lyrical line usually sung at different speeds so as to fit the chosen taala.

-- meena (123@yahoo.com), December 29, 2002.

Well, ragam tanam pallavi, known in its short form as r.t.p. symbolises the expertise of the singer. usually finding its place in major concerts(occasion, sabha and duration are the prime considerations).

It is taken up towards the closing stages of a concert, normally as the artist's voice and rapport with the audience reach their zenith by that time.

ragam is an elaborate expanse of the chosen raga or combination of ragas (one after another or alternating). generally it is taken up at one, two or more than two levels or sections depending on the time left at the artist's disposal.

thanam is a rhythmic excercise in different tempos and octave levels. actually 'thanam' has come out of 'anantha' singing consecutively like ananthaananthaanantha (meaning 'endless')

pallavi is a 'sahitya' piece, pallavi of a kriti or pallavi designed exclusively for the r.t.p. it has essentially the 4 kala pramana singing and neravu singing, the later noticed by singing at various octave levels and speeds.

the swara kalpana follows. sometimes as a raga malika ( no. of ragas). a 'tani' also usually follows (solo by the percussionists)

-- kmurali (kmurali@india.com), February 15, 2003.

Answers given are very simple. I am also interested in knowing the details of pallavi singing. To be specific, EDUPPU, THALLI EDUPPU, RANDU KALAI CHAVUKKAM etc. Can anyone describe?

-- K.Kalyanaraaman (kalramki@yahoo.com), March 26, 2003.

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