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Hi folks

As I have read and talked and learned more about the SAL/ACL/SCL/FLS railroads, I have decided that I am really wanting to focus myself to a period around the early to mid 70's. That would put me post merger with the ACL and SAL but before the FLS came into being. So having locomotives for SAL, ACL and SCL all at the same time would likely be appropriate, although probably pushing the SAL time line a bit. So my questions is this: I have 6 locomotives painted in the FLS SW1500, a C30-7, a GP38-2, a GP40-2 and 2 SD40-2's....sorry about those early submissions. I kept hitting the submit button by mistake...I want to back date those six locomotives back to SCL or ACL colors and numbers. Can anyone give me some guidance on as to whether any or all of those engines would have been used by ACL or SCL and what numbers they might have been. I have checked through several books I have and I think the answer is YES. But like I said, I am learning and need some help from those more learned than me. I'll hit the submit button.

-- John Buckley (, December 28, 2002


Thanks Vic. Very helpful information. Although I hate to give up my Atlas powered C30-7. I did see in one of my older Lines South magazines, though a picture of an SD45-2 in SCL black. Pretty sure it was in SCL black. Did they have some SD45-2's? And how much different were the two?

-- John Buckley (, December 30, 2002.

John, Here is some help.Neither rr had SW 1500's,C30-7's or SD40-2's before FL.The GP38-2's were delivered to the SCL around 72 and were numbered 500-555,the GP40-2 were numbered 1636-1656 and were delivered in 73 I think.The closest rr that had SW's were the L&N and I'm not familiar with there #'s.The SD's and the C30's were delivered in the FL in 79 and 80 and were lettered for there respected roads,ie SCL and LN.Hope this helps.

-- Vic Lewis (, December 29, 2002.

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