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Anybody know why there are two rear tire size choices available? Does it affect handling/performance? will the average rider be able tell the difference?

-- Dan Cable (, December 27, 2002


I don't know exactly why there are 2, but the correct choice is probably the 180/55. I've noticed on my R1 and other bikes I have ridden with a 6 inch rear wheel that the 180 improves turning quite a bit. The Senna comes with a 180, which is a newer bike so it seems MV may have decided it's better as well. It turns out a 190/50 isn't such a great size, and some companies have been putting out a 190/55 (see recent Sport Rider article) that have a profile that better matches a 180/55. Those may be worth trying as well, but you really don't need that much rubber on the road with the MV. As a matter of fact, a 5.5 inch rear wheel (like the Ducati and GSX-R) would probably make more sense too, but fashion always counts for something...

-- Andy Ruhl (, December 27, 2002.

I tried the 190/55 Supercorsa last year on my R1 when they first came out. The guy I bought them from said you had to have a race liscence at the time because of limited availability but that may have changed now. Its a great tire, definately better turn in than a 190/50, but didnt just fall into corners like a 180/55 does. They only come in race compounds which means they wont last long on the street.

-- Doug Chism (, December 30, 2002.

I've ridden a Senna w/ a 180, and my bike on a 190. 180 is much more "flickable."

-- Larry Nipon (, April 09, 2003.

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