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problem began slowly, with ocassional loss of support. is now more often unsupported. need a fix!

-- Ron Hagen (, December 26, 2002


All the more reason for u to stop using what is all along a buggy, unstable, completely mangled program that wreaks havoc on registries, deletes ASPI files it does not like, and more. For the convenience of floppy-like operation on your CD-R drive (which initially sounds neat) Direct CD extracts a much higher price in the form of your eventual insanity. Now you see it now you don't is just one bug in mile-long list of bugs. While floppy-like schemes on a CD-R/RW drive are generally fraught with quite a few limitations (so avoid them if u can and finalize and close your CDs in one sitting after all they're now as cheap as or cheaper than floppies) check what Nero has to offer (InCD?).

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, December 28, 2002.

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