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My last road bike ride was in the '70s in South Africa - a Honda 900 Bol D'or....then 20 years of off-road.

Just picked up an Augusta from a chap here in Sydney who did a great job on it. Carbon bits (front guard, tank protector etc.) Also Sil Motor carbon exhaust/chip. Among others it came with two sets of pads and spare Dragon Corsas.

My kids are not to know of dad's secret toy (courtesy the "boss"). It is ensconsed under the house in my secret den! Of course I have to go down to do "stuff" in the den several times a day. I love it!

Quick question:

With no reference point as to stock power - any comments re the improvement with Sil Motor carbon pipes and chip? Even if down on looks gorgeous and further adds to what is the most beautiful bike on the road!)

-- Hennie Morkel (, December 24, 2002


How is this bike called ? AUGUSTA or AGUSTA??? forget it!

-- Andre (, December 25, 2002.

Thanks for that! Struggling to master three languages has its drawbacks...the occasional seplling error. By the that Andre, or the correct spelling...André?

-- Hennie Morkel (, December 25, 2002.

You are right. The e is written with an accent. But when I use the accent of my computer it looks like that : Andr´´e. I don´´t no why there are always two ´´.

-- ANDRE (, December 26, 2002.

Given your age shouldn't you be building a motorised wheelchair, rather than trying to enhance a motorbike?

-- Peter Davies (, June 18, 2003.

ah, Pete...

It might surprise you just how "old" most of the current MV riders are bucko :)

what is the saying about "youth and enthusiasm" vs "age and gile"?

Scot/NC just 42... ...still a pup!

-- Scot Hennon (scot/, June 19, 2003.

To add real stock power to the MV the newer model Sil chip has just been developed - The company has expanded into bridle inflated traction power kites that you just hang onto after launching. Specifically developed for kite surfing - this can - with a steep learning curve - be adapted for motorcycle use! By the way - mentioning a taboo toy on the internet is the worst way of trying to hide it from your kids - courtesy of the most basic search engines!

-- (, August 03, 2003.

For all the true believers out there....ignore the ramblings of Pete and my brother Arnaud...what would an actuary and a brain surgeon know about bikes anyway!

-- Hennie Morkel (, September 02, 2003.

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