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SCREW / FUCK x-mess ,

We forgot this day what's going on the rest of this FUCKING world ??

Screw ya'll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day you all will see the truth , that x-mess , just as eastern , is a fucking shit-lie about an unexisting empty fucking rotten case that smells in your hypnotized rotten brains !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But no , you are all to "lazy" , because you're all zombies , hypnotized by that created disturbed world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People , wake up and ignore the religious fucking way or you all will live in decay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And , please don't use ANY FORM of violence , just ingnore the religious existence , and it will dissapear for good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- x-shit (screw@x.mess), December 24, 2002


-- x-shit (screw@x.mess), December 24, 2002.

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