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I have been approached with the opportunity of teaching a very bright 4 year old girl. She is able to play be ear (she will hear a song, like 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and play it on the piano). She also has the dedication to sit at the piano until she gets it her own choice! I am not sure how to go about teaching her....I normally teach students who can read at least, and are 6 or 7 years old. What are some suggestions in how to go about with lesson plans and such? Thanks in advance!

-- Marne Clark (, December 23, 2002


Bastien publishes a Piano Party series for ages 4-7. Book A is designed specifically for a pre-reading student. I have used the series with several 4-year old students and have had great success. Good Luck!

-- Bethany Tredway (, April 03, 2003.

In general, keep each activity short, 5-10 minutes. Include rhythm games, listening games, card games, rote pieces & playing by ear, activity away from the piano, singing songs, dancing, marching, etc. etc. Consider your time with her as "music lessons," not just "piano lessons." Dr. Martha Beth Lewis has some great suggestions concerning how to design your own course for teaching the little ones, particularly if you want to bypass all the pre-reading stuff and jump right into note reading. Very worthwhile reading--many ideas to incorporate, even if you use a published course (Piano Party, Little Mozarts, Music Tree, Faber & Faber). Her website is

-- anon (, July 01, 2003.

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