Looking for a Sitar Teacher in Washington DC area

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I am seeking a SITAR INSTRUCTOR in the Washington DC area. Ideally an instructor who teaches in the city of Washington DC with experience teaching an adult beginner. I would also have to rent/borrow a sitar until I get my own.

Please email me or pass my email along to anyone you know who teaches sitar.



-- Sonika (soniqua@aol.com), December 23, 2002


I am a desciple of Ustad SHAHID PARVEZ KHAN of Pune and international fame.I have plenty of concerts to my credit too.Though I cannot be physically present to teach Sitar, I could definitely give you some excellent guide lines and expectation levels for learning the instrument.I have over 30 yrs of sitar experience and am a Radio/TV artist too. Hoping to hear from you.The style is Gayaki(Vocal).

Sincerely, R.Nagraj

-- R.Nagraj (nagraj_55@yahoo.co.uk), February 16, 2003.

is this sonsie tran?????!!!!

-- popsie! (wacerillo@aol.com), August 05, 2003.

is this sonsie tran?????!!!! are you in DC????? it's popsie, in SF! drop a line, if this is sonsie tran!!!! bil

-- popsie! (wacerillo@aol.com), August 05, 2003.

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