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Well that sure was interesting. The old discussion forum was at MSN Communities right up until 3 days ago under the Group "Writings By Gary Allan Halonen".

Oddly enough, the storage usage meter there shows I was using 2.2 mg of my alloted 3.0 but I wasn't now subscribed to any groups! The entire site, which not only included the monthly Foresight Newsletters going back to Nov.2001, but copies of all my Net documents and personal photos were all deleted without prior notice!!

Incredible! So much for free speech on the Net!

So let's evaluate/ speculate what happened shall we? First off, it had to be one of the Microsoft web site managers who pulled the plug. Quite cowardly, blatant and arrogantly, I might add.

Now, the Foresight Newsletters dealt mainly with the Muslim vs West cultural war and how I see it playing out. The last couple of articles had to do with the fact I said the Islamic religion itself must clean up it's own act, that Israel would create a buffer zone around the country and ban the practice of Islam from their country. Those seemed to be the most controversial points. Oh yes, the fact that I said that it is the majority of Muslims who are 'fundamentalist' in the world at large who are prone to violence, might have set off the Politically Correct censors at Microsoft. Hey, dummy, count up the 100's of millions of Muslims in the world who would like to see us dead, then dispute my words. Just don't pull the plug. We are at war with them and, jeez, they are our enemies.

Don't believe me? Stand on the main street from sun up till sundown in any Muslim country with a placard saying you are an American for 5 full days. If you live, I'll give you a million dollars!

Also I had reported in the most recent article that most people were visiting the page which predicts the future of Bill Gates and Microsoft ( happenings which already happened! ). Could that have been what pissed off the idiot with the delete key? Actually, it was quite complimentary.

Now suppose it was the 'authorities' who told/ordered/ requested 'in the strongest terms', the MSN Community web master to pull the plug on the site. Why would they do that? Lets' see now, I wrote how I thought the war against Iraq was going to go. Many writers in the mainstream press have written about that though. Nothing really freaky or bazaar was predicted except that I said we would use battlefield small nuclear arms if chem or bio weapons were used by Saddam. Bush admitted to that a few days later anyway.

I really don't have an 'inside line' into the Pentagon or the White House. I make my predictions from visions and tid bits I extrapolate from commonly available sources. Of course, some of the predictions are derived from my own wisdom and experience from being around. Knowledge picked up about human behaviour no textbook could teach.

The only uncommonly known data which was in those Newsletters quite a few months ago had to do with how someone could brainwash another to carry out an assassination. Jeez, every psychiatrist knows that. They do the Pain/Drug/Hypnotic techniques daily. Don't you read about the killings daily committed by people under psychiatric care? It isn't by accident. Everything has a cause.

If anyone has any thoughts on what got into the Microsoft person who pulled that plug, feel free to add them here. Unfortunately, I lost all the email addresses of the subscribers of the site so only if they click on the Main page at the Predictions site, can they get here.

Soon I'll be writing my year end and New Year article here. Stay tuned.

Gary Allan Halonen

-- Gary Allan Halonen (g_a_halonen@hotmail.com), December 23, 2002


Thanks to those who've written me privately on what they think was the reason the MSN Community site was DELETED. I'd much rather preferred your input here on this forum for others to see but I'm used to that sort of thing. Write me but don't write here. That's fine.

Generally most thought Microsoft personnel acted alone out of fear that Commander Bill, the demi-GOD himself, would pop into my site and 'gasp', read those words about HIM!!

Others said it was the government doing the ol' BIG BROTHER thang since they got their shinny brand new powers and all. Sorta like, "Shit Man, I haven't fucked anyone over yet today! Hey, Microsoft, pull the plug on that Predictions site or we'll up your court fine and sic the American Muslim Council after ya!"

Hey, gov-ment man. You want my predictions exclusively for yourself? Pay me, oh....what you'd pay a Professor of Medieval French Literature annually in an average university. If my predictions ran at simply 5% accuracy ( although mostly at 95% ) you'd still get more value for your money. Otherwise, fuck off.

And of course, the blame may lie on the ever watchful, ever diligent American Muslim Council threatening to become a violent movement against Microsoft unless words of only Islamic 'peace and love' get heard around the world. Ignore that gunfire and occasional bombing of infidels please.


-- Gary (g_a_halonen@hotmail.com), January 04, 2003.

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