want insides for a Sears Immersible percolator

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I need the insides rod and basket for a 1971 Sears immersible electric percolator model # 62067360. Does anyone know where I can find this. It made great coffee but the insides got lost in a move.

-- John Boeren (jjbmd1@charter.net), December 22, 2002


Sorry but I do not have the answer for the source. I have been looking for the plastic basket that went inside of the metal one so that paper filters were not necessary. Mine was thrown out with the coffee grinds when I had company and the person visiting thought it was disposable. Still looking at thrift stores and garage sales and have never seen that percolator let alone insides for it. Ramona

-- Ramona Park (monap16@hotmail.com), July 29, 2003.

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