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Unfortunatly,2 days before I discovered this sight I sent my personal details TO JDL Holdings LMT who are persuing me on behalf of the Alliance and Lecister for a morgage shortfall.Hane I jepodised my case Dave Armitage.

-- david armitage (, December 21, 2002



Go to the part of this site called 'Do's & Don'ts', and read the part titled 'Don't give away personal information' (and as much of the rest of that section as you can). It should help explain what the implications of what you have unwittingly done are, and how you might counteract this.

You should also issue a SARN (again, see this site - Do's & Don'ts and Repossession) against this agent and the lender.

Read this site - and keep reading it!

-- Eleanor Scott (, January 13, 2003.

thanks eleanor. I have issued a SARN today david

-- david armitage (, January 14, 2003.

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