He'll never find us here!

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Hey, super saiyan joh will never find us here. Everyone post in peace!

-- FC (phiberoptik@fuckmicrosoft.com), December 20, 2002


Thanks the fucking Gods... That little dumbass was pissing me off.

-- ArchPyro (ArchPyro@hotmail.com), December 20, 2002.

I like to fuck dead babies

-- ssj4 goku (ssj4@ao.com), December 22, 2002.

wow dats reely nic u r sick in t head, you know dat???

-- dorf (kokomo67@aol.com), December 27, 2002.

who you calling sick

-- ssj4 goku (super saiyan joh@aol.com), December 27, 2002.

SSJ4Goon, YOU SUCK!!! DBZ has been done to death thanks to fucked up fanboy faggots like you!

-- (MasterBlaster@AOL.com), February 26, 2004.

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