What mountains bike should I buy?

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i am a beginner,.can you all tell me what bikes and where to get it

-- werewolf (blackwerewolf369@yahoo.com), December 20, 2002


where do you live? well if you ask me i'll ask back " how much money do you got?"

-- zoraimi (zoraimi@yahoo.com), December 23, 2002.

ni mesti bob ajak pegi rengit

-- pd (mohdfadlek@tnb.com.my), December 24, 2002.

If it's your first bike, don't spend too much money. A good bike shop would be able to give you advice. I suggest you try either Kian Seng Heng (in TTDI and SS2) or Bike Pro Center (Taman Megah). Tell them your budget, (RM800-1,500 should be ok to get a bike that works) and pick a bike which colour you like the most.

Then, ride the crap out of this bike. Join some more experienced riders. After you have had enough insults about the mediocrity of your bike from your riding companions, OR after you have irrepairably broken the bike, you can spend more money on a better bike.

Or, better still, stick to your existing bike, and frustrate your friend by riding better than them on their RM3000+ rigs.

-- Joe (joeadnan@yahoo.com), January 09, 2003.


-- pokta (pokta@yahoo.com), May 02, 2003.

I'm a beginner just like the person here. The answer gave me quite a picture... but I'm preparing for a trithlon race, which kind of bike would suit best for a beginner? well, lets not discuss about the budgeted price. Cuz I'm clueless.

-- David Joey (vidvid70@hotmail.com), August 01, 2003.


Unfortunatly, there are no such thing as cheap tri-bikes. If you only wish to ride triathlons, get a tri-specific bike. This will have a steeper seat tube angle, putting your weight farther forward on your arms. It will also have aero bars. These two distinct charateristics of tri-bikes are intended to put the rider in the "aero tuck". It other words, it's a performance oriented machine meant for the 5% body fat, trained triathelete whose only desire is to ride 40-180km, solo, in the fastest possible time. For the rest of us out there, any road bike will do, as we demand more versatility out of our machines.

I won't recommend particular bikes, as models change, stocks get depleted, and particular makes may not be sold where you live. Instead, look out for brands like Fuji, who are well known for entry level but performance and value oriented bikes. Also check out roadbikereview.com.

-- Joe (joeadnan@yahoo.com), August 01, 2003.

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