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would you be able to help me on the theme of kingship in hamlet

-- andrew longstaff (, December 19, 2002


What would you like to know about it / what's the question you've been given? Because in general this is a bit large. Unless you just want some general pointers, in which case I reckon the following: the theme encompasses questions and considerations of duty, leadership, earthly-vs-divine power, public-vs-private existence, legitimacy to rule and lead, recognition and support from those ruled and led, responsibility, loyalty, personality, morality, self-assertion and humility, strength and weakness, crime, punishment and forgiveness, enmity, friendship, peace, trust ... As I say, large. Ah, what a wonderful play.

-- catherine england (, December 20, 2002.

look at old hamlet and young hamlet, fortinbras and claudius and take there strong and weak points , the one with the best points is the one you are looking for

-- Andrew Longstaff (, January 09, 2003.

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