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I have become the victim of someone who sold me a grey market (illegally imported) 2000 MV F4S. I now have a dream toy that I cannot register and ride on the street. The easiest answer to my problem is a US spec frame with title. Any help or suggestions out there? Any Cagiva/MV (Italy) contact information could be helpful as well. Thanks!!!

-- David Sliwinski (crnercrver@aol.com), December 18, 2002


My friend brought is 916 from UK, he had the same problem, until he was able to present to secretary of state in Michigan few bill of sale, on for the frame, other for the rest of the bike (ex-racing parts..!!!???), then register the bike as a build up bike. He had show the bike to the local police , where they check the VIN and all the light, exhaust, etc... The bad news, he pay more for insurance as a build-up bike. But he is ok now. I found an other thing, legaly you can bring a foreign vehicle for 1 year in the US , without having to register it. May be for that you have to be able to show a prove you will take the bike back to your foreign address..???we may be able to arrange that.

-- o (okthomas@tir.com), December 19, 2002.

Greetings David- Just curious. Did you find this bike on ebay?

-- Tim W (provamo35@hotmail.com), December 19, 2002.

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