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This link may not work after a day or two, but it it is in the Times Online Dec 17th 2002 in an article called "Estate agent pays the price" By Steve Bird and Claire McDonald,,2-516376,00.html

The estate agents sold a house (megabucks one) for substantially less than a comparable property in the same area. The vendor who lost out sued - and won! Sounds similar to repossession sales to me and I wonder if the judgement can be applied in reverse?. Judge Peter Heppel QC ruled against the Estate Agents.Mr Knatchbull is the property vendor.

Thoughts anyone?

-- Too scared to say (, December 18, 2002


I was not so lucky. A differnet type of case regarding an estate agent. I disputed an estate agent's charges (1200) when they sent me their invoice after I had taken my house off the market. The people who were going to purchase my house had withdrawn their offer, so I later took my house off the market. The estate agent in question took me to the small claims court and were awarded the full amount even though no contracts had been exchanged. They also got away with charging extra VAT despite letters confirming this from Trading Standards. I have become very disillusioned about the so called legal system since.

-- no justice done (, December 22, 2002.

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