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I have a reistance welding machine from benchmark industries. I am trying to weld stainless steel to cold rool steel.

Approach time : 1.3 secs Forge Time: 3.0 secs Hold time 2.5 sec Approach pressure:9psi Forge pressure 65 psi Energy setting: 1.85 wat/sec

My first question is: Are these settings look reasonable? and second question is: How do I use the H=(I*I)*R*T*K formula to optimize my process. I do not know what H (heat generated) should be so I am having a hard time setting up all other parameters.

Thank you,

Hakan Ozakbas

-- Hakan Ozakbas (, December 17, 2002


Please visit for contact information on your Benchmark Industries welder. Kurt Tolliver, Unitek Miyachi Corp.

-- Kurt Tolliver (, December 17, 2002.

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