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So I decided to take the plunge and also get the F4. I cant afford to pay it all in cash like my previous bikes, but a bike this awsome will be worth a bit of debt for a year or two. I am convinced that the company is out of danger for the next couple years, and the demand for the products is so strong it should be able to survive after that. My other choice was a Ducati 998, which may actually be the riskier buy since the 999's and 749's are just sitting on the showrooms.

Im thinking of having them put Metzler Sportec's on before I pick the bike up. I figure I can sell the Pirelli's on EBay for 75$. What do you guys think of those stock tires? Im not going to ride the thing at racetrack pace ( thats what my R6 is for ), but it will be spirited enough to wear the rear to the edge.

-- Doug Chism (dougchism@hotmail.com), December 17, 2002


I was very critical of the stock Dragon Evo Corsas after my first trip to the track, but after my second trip I have much higher praise.

I reduced the pressure slightly (from 32 to 31), and took a lot more time coming up to speed and after 10 laps or so I was dicing with a guy on an RC-51 with race tires. I didn't get any slides out of them. Granted, I was babying it a little through corners and I was pushing harder last time, but I was still coming up to speed in the corners too and I had no slides.

I have never had any slides or strange behavior out of them on the street. I have pretty high praise for them as street tires. They may not be the best for the track, but I'd like to try again to find their limits. I would probably buy them again at this point if they were available, but they seem to not be. The Sportec is my next best choice based on what other people tell me. And I will likely get them fairly soon.

-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo.com), December 17, 2002.

I feel the Pirelli like one of the best choice. After the stock tires I put Dragon Supercorsa SC2, and they feel really good; I use it mostly for the track (no racing, only fun).

Anyway, I can't understand the difference you feel between Pirellis and Metzelers. If I am not wrong, Metzeler belogs to Pirelli, and everybody says that the development of both is made together, and that the material is exactly the same; only the thread is different.

-- Gafas - Spain (isantillan@ya.com), December 17, 2002.

Stick (no pun intended) with the Pirelli's. They're awesome tires, and from my experience with them, they don't wear easily, even with some serious scrubbing -- best of all they stick like glue. Very confidence inspiring!!

- Steven

-- Steven Gonzales (steven_gonzales@intuit.com), December 17, 2002.

Ahh, stick like glue... No, that's not exactly the way I'd describe them. I got a real bad front end push with them on the track and I also had both tires go away fairly dramatically at one point in a fast sweeper. However, I had "learned" how to ride these tires after that and I believe that they just need deliberate inputs and a steady hand, and they can go pretty fast.

Stick like glue is better reserved for the Supercorsas or other race tires that look like street tires. I've gotten away with some VERY insane stuff with the supercorsas because they are so sticky. If that's what you need, the supercorsas (and equivalent Metzlers) will deliver. The current Sport Rider has a very favorable review of them.

I have 2500 miles on my Evo Corsas and the middle of the rear tire is quite worn. That said, the sides have held up pretty well to track abuse. The only wish I would have for them is that they could be a little more neutral at full lean, they seem to want to stand up a little. I will use a 180 rear and more rear ride to try to fix this in the future.

-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo.com), December 17, 2002.

Thanks guys, I will go ahead and keep the stock tires until I have had a chance to run the bike through its paces a few times this spring. I sure hope we get a few nice days between now and April.

-- Doug Chism (dougchism@hotmail.com), December 18, 2002.

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