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I know this may be premature considering MV is trying to resolve its financial situation but has anyone hear any news regarding updates to the F4S?

I recall reading an article somewhere (Motorcyclist?) that said MV is hoping to start Brutale and SPR productions. After that, it will be the 1000cc version. The article said (and Iím pulling this from memory) that it would not be called the ďF5Ē but the F4 Mille. My guess is that the F4 Mille will be about a year away.

So, if MV introduces the F4 Mille, is it likely that theyíll also make some design and styling changes to the F4S?

Also, Iíve seen Kawasaki new naked bike. Itís strikingly similar to the Brutale. I guess if you donít produce a model right way, someone will do it for you.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, December 16, 2002



Try 2 years for the F4 Mille Strada. If past business pattern is of any indication, you and I will first see the F4 Mille Serie Oro. Why wait, Casoli has a large bore kit available for quite sometime.

Factory press promised the F4 Mille to out-pace any existing production bike, Gixer1000 included. The next year or two promise to be very special for us motorcyclists.


-- David Nguyen (, December 16, 2002.

It's called "long range planning." :)

I've been bitted by the R1 bug and plan on getting one sometime soon. My thoughts were to keep my F4S until the F4 Mille comes along. Two years is fine.

So far, the R1 and Agusta are the only bikes that I'm drawn to, since the 999's a let down. BTW, Honda's CBR600RR is nice too.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, December 16, 2002.

All this talk about a 1000cc bike is kind of pointless right now. It may happen, and it may be faster than the CURRENT GSX-R 1000, but I doubt the Italians can really out-do the Japanese in this respect. I think it's silly of them to even mention it. The Japanese are "resting on their laurels" in the 1000cc class right now. The latest GSX-R and R1 have a bit more power, but they are really working on the chassis to the benefit of everyone that rides them. If they need to wick it up, they will, and they'll whomp the ass off of anything that comes from europe unless it's built by an F1 team. Remember all the rumors of how the MV was going to compete with the "GSX-R"? Remember what the GSX-R was during this time? A carburetted, 2 or 3 year old bike (depending on when you started listening to the hype). It would have been marginally competitive against that bike, but probably not. And look what we have now. Possibly the best performing 750cc bike there ever will be, RIP 750 4 cylinder.

Sorry, I just don't think people should get their hopes up on the performance end. Do I love my MV? Absolutely. Do I try to compare it to anything else performance wise? Nope. Can't. But that's not why I bought it.

Allan, I still think you'd be better off with one of these new 600's. Performance wise, they are about the same as the MV in the grand scheme of things (straight line that is). And cheaper to insure, more plentiful if parts are needed... And 15,000 RPM is pretty fun, I don't care what anyone says... Racing that R6 last month was such a hoot... I'm pretty sure the decision is between the new R6 and 6RR for me, but I'm still waiting.

-- Andy Ruhl (, December 17, 2002.

In response to the answer that the F4 "Mille" will not be able to compete with Japenese bikes, I'd like to say that you would be nuts to think that it couldnt...In a recent interview with Claudio Castiglioni, the owner of MV Agusta, he said the bike would produce a whopping 180 HP in the street legal version. Combine that power with the F4's handling and I would say you have a perfect track bike. Watch out Ducati!

-- bob (, July 04, 2003.

Hello everybody: Goooood news! Andrea Mazzali is testing on truck the MV 1000; He won a SBK Race in Austria. MV 1000 will be presented at Milan Show in september; Sales will start in 2004..I'll get it!

-- Carlo (, July 09, 2003.

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