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I need help with the fictional design & building of a 5,280 feet tall high rise building. It is 5,280feet tall in height from ground level to roof & has 528 floors. Each express elevator hoistway is divided into five sections consisting of four 110 floor tall sections plus an additional 88 floor tall section. Any ideas in the form of drawing,photos,etc. are appreciated. If you want to know of the name of the building it's named the Ororo Munroe buildiding.

-- Mathew H.E. Bailey (, December 16, 2002


4x110=440 plus 88 = 520

A building 5280 feet high would not be tall enough for 528 floors, even at ten feet each, which is a very short floor height for a high rise building.

Plus, if you have 528 working floors, you'll need several mechanical floors to house such equipment as elevators, HVAC, etc.

To get to the top floor with the arrangement you contemplate would involve transferring four times and each ride would be way too long @110 floors (or even 88 floors) each.

Perhaps this is why Frank Lloyd Wrights mile high building had atomic powered elevators that were rack and pinion drive. Of course these haven't been invented yet.

Even at the present advanced state of technology, a mile high building is totally impractical.

May be fun to think about though. Good Luck!

John Brannon

-- John Brannon (, December 16, 2002.

Just a few thoughts...

10'floors aren't too bad, given today's technology (stuffing small things in small spaces) the logistics aren't too bad. Though 12' might be a little better to accomodate future needs. I wouldn't go any higher than 50 floors in each section due to copper problems, though fiber-optic data for the non-safety controls would remediate part of the problem. A plus to this would be the time to wait would allow for decompression so your clients don't end up with blown eardrums. So, 25 elevators/50 floor section, coupled with 4 express high-speed skylobby-skylobby transfer elevators (no other stops) per section should work out nicely. This is an imaginary building only, so don't base decisions on my guesswork.

-- Steve (, December 28, 2002.

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