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Can anyone tell me why a decree awarded against me to repossess my home some 3 years ago wouldn't appear on my credit file??

I tried to find out if the Abbey National had a Money Order/Possession Order against me re my home which they reposessed but all I've been given is an extract decree.

When I got my credit file (Equifax) there's not mention of this decree??

Why would it not appear on my file ?

-- hanging in there! (, December 15, 2002


I have been waiting for some one to answer your question as I am in exactly the same position. If there is no trace of it on Eqifax or Experian does that mean there is no trace any where or is there another "list". I phoned the mortgage code compliance board and they told me no such list existed. Is this true ? ..nb

-- dg (, January 01, 2003.

There is another main list (Hunter?) and I know there are also smaller regional lists of repossessees which are passed between the main Lenders; this was confirmed by my Lender when I initially made formal complaints to all the relevant bodies about their bully-boy tactics. The criteria for getting put on these lists is difficult to establish and nothing may appear on your credit file, as the lists are not database linked to Equifax or Experian. There has to be a manual report of a MJO made for it to show up on your credit file, as far as I understand it. I may be wrong but I was told by a CAB office in the South that I have to either approach the solicitors (for the Lender) or the Court where the hearing was to get a copy or confirmation of any MJO. In my case I had no idea what Court would have heard the case and I was not about to contact a firm of solicitors I was attempting to sue for wrongful repossession. There is literally nothing on my credit file but every May (for the past 11 years) I get a print from a reliable source which shows at least one illegal search - always a debt collection agency and this past year everyone's favourite solicitors joined the illegal search club. There are searches a collector can perform which give you basic information about a person's addresses. If you don't proceed to the next screen, technically it is not considered a search because you don't click a box saying that this is an authorised credit search under blah blah. However, the first screen gives you enough info to carry out other searches - i.e. electoral roll ones because you can now narrow the geographical field. That first screen does leave a "footprint" - which you can supposedly delete as the user - but it is still there for retrieval and Equifax know it.

-- Too scared to say (, January 01, 2003.

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